Best African Football Teams 2024

In this article, we talk about the best African football teams. We look at the clubs that have done well in their own countries and in competitions across Africa. Some have even gained attention worldwide. 

The list isn’t just about how good the teams are right now. It’s based on how well they’ve done in important games, their success in both local and international matches, their talented players, and how much they’ve helped football grow in Africa. 

Best African Teams in 2024

Al Ahly (Egypt)

Al Ahly might be the best African football team, and they’re proving it again in 2024. They’re leading the Egyptian Premier League and doing great in the CAF Champions League. 

Their smart play, strong defense, and exciting offense are thrilling for fans. Al Ahly’s steady high performance in Egypt and across Africa shows why they’re a top team. 


Mamelodi Sundowns (South Africa)

Mamelodi Sundowns have had a great year, doing really well in the South African Premier Soccer League and the CAF Champions League. They’re known for playing exciting soccer with a strong defense. 

They’ve also been good at finding young players who are showing they can handle big games, which means the team could keep doing well in the future. 

TP Mazembe (DR Congo)

TP Mazembe is a strong soccer team in Africa. They have done well in the CAF Confederation Cup and are one of the best teams in the Linafoot.

This team have a lot of players who have played for a long time and know how to play the game well. 

They are good at both scoring goals and stopping the other team from scoring. Their experience in African tournaments helps them win even during hard games. 

Esperance de Tunis (Tunisia)

Esperance de Tunis is a top football team in Tunisia and Africa. They keep winning in the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 and do well in the CAF Champions League.

They play a strong game that mixes good technique with toughness. This style helps them beat many different teams and stay one of the best clubs in Africa. 


Wydad Casablanca (Morocco)

Wydad Casablanca had a great 2024 season. They won the Moroccan Botola Pro and did really well in the CAF Champions League.

They showed that they are one of the best teams in Morocco and Africa. 

African Football Overview

In the past year, African football has indeed seen an influx of exciting young talent, making waves both domestically and in continental competitions like the CAF Champions League. If you interested more in football, you can read about the best football countries too.

Players like Victor Osimhen from Nigeria have been instrumental in their clubs’ successes. Osimhen, playing for Napoli in the Italian Serie A, has shown his prowess as a formidable striker with an eye for goal.

Another standout is Achraf Hakimi from Morocco, known for his blistering pace and ability to contribute both offensively and defensively.

Playing for Paris Saint-Germain, Hakimi has continued to impress on the European stage, enhancing his reputation as one of the top full-backs in the game.

From Egypt, Mohamed Salah remains a key figure for Liverpool, consistently delivering top-tier performances and scoring crucial goals.

His influence extends beyond his club as he serves as an inspiration for many young African footballers.

Upcoming talents like Kamaldeen Sulemana of Ghana, who plays for Rennes in Ligue 1, have also shown that they have the potential to become the next big stars of African football with their skillful displays and development.

African teams have also been doing great in international competitions, showing the world that they can play really well and with a lot of heart.

Fans all over Africa have been super supportive, filling up stadiums and talking about the games with a lot of excitement.

African football teams are doing well in big tournaments, proving they are strong players. Here are a few tournaments where African teams have stood out:

1. FIFA World Cup 

African teams have participated in the FIFA World Cup with some memorable performances. For example, Senegal reached the quarter-finals in 2002, and Ghana did the same in 2010.


2. Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)

This is the premier continental tournament for African national teams. It has seen strong performances from countries like Egypt, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Algeria, among others.

3. CAF Champions League

This is the top-tier club competition in African football. Clubs like Al Ahly (Egypt), TP Mazembe (DR Congo), and Esperance de Tunis (Tunisia) have had successful campaigns in recent years.

4. FIFA Confederations Cup

Although no longer active, this tournament saw African teams compete against other continental champions. In 1995, Nigeria won the King Fahd Cup, the predecessor to the Confederations Cup.

5. Olympic Football Tournament

African teams have also done well in the Olympics, with Nigeria winning gold in 1996 and Cameroon in 2000.

6. FIFA U-20 World Cup

African nations like Ghana and Nigeria have had strong showings at the U-20 level, with Ghana winning the tournament in 2009.

7. FIFA U-17 World Cup

Nigeria is the most successful team at this level, having won the U-17 World Cup five times.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has recently introduced the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system in major competitions like the Africa Cup of Nations.

This helps referees make better decisions. Also, some African clubs have started using apps to track player fitness and performance, helping them train smarter.  

Criteria for Selection the Best African Football Teams

The first step in our methodology is defining the criteria that guide our selection of top teams. These criteria include:


Performance in Competitions

We look at how the teams have performed in key tournaments, like the CAF Champions League, CAF Confederation Cup, and their respective domestic leagues. Success in these competitions is an indicator of a team’s prowess.


Teams that consistently perform well over time, not just in isolated matches, earn a higher rank. Consistency is key to proving a team’s enduring quality and resilience.

Player Quality

Individual players’ talent and performance are considered, especially those who make contributions to their teams’ successes.

Tactical Excellence

Teams that are good at coming up with new strategies and can change their plans during the game get better scores from us. We like teams that work well together and have smart tactics. 

Fan Engagement and Impact

A team’s bond with its supporters and how it helps the community are important too. Teams that connect well with their fans and make a difference in their area show they’re successful in more ways than just scoring points in games. 


In 2024, the best African football teams, including Al Ahly and Wydad Casablanca, played well. They’ve won games and made their fans and everyone in Africa proud.

These teams show how exciting and strong African soccer is. They’re helping to make the sport even more popular around the world. Let’s cheer for their victories and the growth of soccer in Africa. 


What teams were top in African football in 2024❓

Al Ahly, Mamelodi Sundowns, TP Mazembe, Esperance de Tunis, and Wydad Casablanca led the way in 2024.

How are the top African football teams determined❓

Teams were evaluated on their performance in competitions, player quality, consistency, tactics, and community engagement.

Did African teams excel internationally in 2024❓

✅ Yes, several teams had standout performances in international tournaments.

Who were key players in African football in 2024❓

Notable players included Victor Osimhen, Achraf Hakimi, and Mohamed Salah.

Why is fan support important for African teams❓

Fan enthusiasm boosts player morale and strengthens the team-community bond.

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