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Over a century ago, when people first invented football (more about it in the article football history facts), no one ever imagined it being the sport we all love today. It’s trodden a long path, changing form along the way and transitioning from vintage to a contemporary sport pretty seamlessly. But, however versatile it’s been in the past, one thing that remains untouched is the football techniques that won’t stop mesmerizing sooner.

⚽ Which football techniques are effective?

The following football techniques are worth using:

  • shooting technique;
  • dribbling techniques;
  • passing techniques;
  • tackling technique;
  • defensive line techniques.

⚽ What does it take to perfect the shooting technique?

  • planning the foot to shoot with;
  • be flexible;
  • body position and foot angle;
  • keep your eyes on the ball and follow-through.

⚽ What does it take to perfect the dribbling technique?

  • gently touch the ball;
  • keep the ball close;
  • protect the ball at all costs.

⚽ What are the 7 most important skills for playing football?

  • shooting;
  • dribbling;
  • passing;
  • tackling;
  • goalkeeping;
  • controlling;
  • heading.

Football techniques

As we know it, football is a game of wit and utmost creativity. It’s bred countless wizards and talented merchants who’ve graced the space quite remarkably. While numerous others are still making history, their display techniques seem to capture attention the most. But while it’s a simple game of subtle tricks and creativity for the pros, learning them yourself can seemingly be challenging.

Here are the soccer techniques you must learn to raise your level.

Shooting technique football

A few prominent names come to mind when it comes to shooting, and the list is quite lengthy. Whether playing in association football, national teams, or doing it for the fun of it, shooting is incredibly essential to add some meaning to counter-attacking finishes or paced runs on goal. Shooting manifests in different styles, but a more conventional way is facing the goalpost and aiming right at it. However simple it seems, shooting requires technique to get it right.

Defensive line dribbling passing techniques in football

The steps for a perfect shot include:

  • Planning the foot to shoot with – Determine which foot will hit the ball and which acts as your plant for support and stability. Take a few steps back from the ball and get ready to charge.
  • Be flexible – It would help if you let loose and be able to hit the ball with power. Being flexible will help you raise your striking leg higher towards your rear. Besides, flexibility disengages other body muscles and concentrates energy on the parts involved, preventing imminent muscle injuries.,
  • Body position and foot angle – Be sure to lean forward a bit before taking the shot. That’ll shift your centre of gravity which will channel your foot-power towards the ball on the ground. Also, as you strike the ball, keep your foot at a 45-degree angle so that you hit the ball with your laces and not the toes for a more accurate shot.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball and follow-through – Engage your mind and gauge the power while balancing the pace to hit the target. Follow through with your striking foot for a smooth strike.

Dribbling techniques in football

Dribbling is among the essential football techniques to break free and edge away from opponents. However, being the art that requires technique and a ton of thought, it’s a hard nut to crack, especially in tight spaces. Therefore, it calls for peak focus because it’s pretty possible to give the ball away.

Football soccer skills and techniques

To be good at dribbling, you must:

  • Gently touch the ball – Dribbling can be pretty uncanny, and any excessive force can plunge the ball to your opponent and give it away. Gentle contact on the ball gifts you control over how the ball moves about your feet.
  • Keep the ball close – Don’t let the ball edge even a foot away as you move it. Also, it’d be best to keep your feet bent and loose to counter any foot challenges from your opponents as you swerve the ball past them. Balance your speed and force as you gently hit the ball forward. Be sure to vary your pace from fast to slow to misalign your opponents.
  • Protect the ball at all costs – Sometimes, edging away doesn’t always seem to work, especially if there’s a heavy countering force ahead. Therefore, protecting the ball seems quite feasible until you find some passing space. Do that by giving your back to your opponent while using your hands to keep them away.

Passing techniques in football

The most incredible passers in football have mastered the art, and that’s why they’re doing great with it. Regardless of the range – whether long or short – passing is among the most specific football skills and techniques that go in tandem with proper envisioning. You must be precise with where you want the ball to land. That’ll help you make the correct arithmetic on the amount of force and the direction to hit the ball.

Vision is essential, especially in counter-attacks, as it opens up tight spaces and helps catch your opponents with through-passes as they braze to counter the challenge. Making passes works similarly to shooting. The only difference is that you may have to pass the ball on pace, which seems pretty challenging.

shooting tackling technique in football

Tackling technique in football

Snatching the ball from an opponent is never a walk in the park, especially if they’re pretty polished in their dribbling. Therefore, it takes a rigorous assessment of their options and the possibilities of running past you with the ball. So, be sure to work on your timing to block the ball and learn to anticipate the next direction your opponent is likely to hit the ball.
Remember to close down on your opponent and minimize their space until they feel cornered and out of options. Please keep your eyes on the ball and your arms out to give them a hard time that subjects them to pressure, which will force them into giving the ball away.

Defensive line techniques

Throughout the game time, 65% of the minutes played go into cutting down attacks and defending the goal for both opponents. The remaining percentage is spent outfield in the pitch. So, that means that defense is an essentially effective football technique in the game. However, forming a defensive line sets offside traps that are likely to put an opponent set on goal out of play.

In defense, ball tackling and shooting come into play. So, it’s among the technical skills in football that narrows down space and keeps opponents out of options. For a defender, the right headspace sets the ball outfield or sets up counter progressions in attacks. A defensive line keeps the defenders in a straight line as the last people standing on the way to goal, which traps opponents along the edges.


There are numerous football techniques that you can work on to perfect your skills, most of which require proper visioning and skills to nail. Others include shooting and passing that work with body power and hit accuracy to get them right. Either way, it takes the mind and body to make your football techniques sharper and more proficient in the game.

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