Why Soccer is the best Sport in the World?

Sport is an exhilarating event that most of us enjoy playing or watching. It creates a fundamental part of society, unifying us from our different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. The satisfaction and enjoyment when the team wins are unmeasurable. We relish the opportunity for our teams to lift trophies, conquer adversities and succeed. Below we discuss why soccer is the best sport.

Why soccer is better than American football?

Soccer rules are less complicated and easier to understand. Further, American football is more physical; thus, the sport favors physique, and rough play often leads to more injuries. Most players only enjoy their peak for a short time before injuries curtail their progress. In soccer, professionals often play to their mid and late 30s.

Why soccer is better than basketball?

If you watch a basketball game, you will notice the numerous timeouts called by teams. Teams use timeouts strategically to break the opponent’s momentum, creating a boring game for spectators. Also, ads are played during these breaks, further dulling the excitement. In soccer, there are few short breaks in play. The ball is mostly in motion, creating a more fluid and enjoyable game. Teams under massive pressure do not get the chance for a break.

Why soccer is better than baseball?

Unlike soccer, you do not get to enjoy any global competition. The so-called World Series only features the US and, at times, Canadian teams. Are you really a world baseball champion if you win? The World Cup offers every national team a chance to participate in soccer. Through numerous knockouts, the best teams qualify through their merit to participate in the coveted competition. The World Cup winner can genuinely boast of being the best in the world. Also, baseball had more complicated rules than soccer.

Why soccer is better than rugby?

Soccer has a wider appeal than rugby. The commonwealth nations mostly enjoy this sport, unlike soccer’s global appeal. Also, rugby is contact and rough sport, thus contributing to more injuries than soccer. With such physicality, rugby attracts individuals with a better physique. The sport complicated rule book does not it injustice either. In rugby, there are two unions: the rugby union and the rugby league. Each with its unfathomable rules makes the sport more complicated.

Why soccer is better than hockey?

Just like most other sports, only a few countries play professional hockey. There is a reason why it is called the “Canada’ game.” The lack of global appeal contributes to the slim competition where limited people enjoy the sport. Also, hockey requires more physicality; only people with unique genetics can play the game. You cannot be 5’7’’ like Messi and be a star at hockey.

Popular sports include American football, soccer, basketball, golf, baseball, rugby, hockey, and many more. With so many sports, there is a raging debate on which sport is the best.

Why Soccer is the best Sport?

Americans would argue football is the best sport globally. Indians would recommend baseball as the best sport. Others hold on to the notion that soccer is the best sport in the world. Indeed, the view that soccer is the best sport holds. If you are interesting, check the interesting facts about football.

Soccer is Global

Soccer is the most popular sport, played internationally. In contrast, American football is popular in the US. Cricket is usually appreciated in the UK and baseball in India, Europe, and America. Soccer is played globally, with FIFA, the main governing body, officially recognizing 211 nations. More than 265 million people play the game globally. FIFA holds an international tournament every four years called the World Cup. Every nation gets a chance to qualify for this amazing tournament and compete for the prestigious and coveted World Cup golden trophy. Such a massive global appeal is why soccer is the most popular sport.

is soccer the best sport in the world

Easy to Play

Soccer offers straightforward gameplay that is easy to understand. A neutral fan would find sports such as American football and baseball more challenging to comprehend than soccer. For instance, one might need help understanding why in American football, a team is awarded 6 points for a touchdown, 3 points for a field goal, and 2 points for safety. So, why is soccer popular? Even a child can understand the rules. A goal is worth a point in soccer, so the team with more goals wins. A game is 90 minutes, and players can only use their feet except for the goalkeeper. With time a spectator will understand the finer intricacies of soccer faster than other sports.

No Timeouts

If you watch a basketball and American football game, there are so many breaks in play. Teams can call for multiple timeouts disrupting the fluidity of the game. Teams intentionally utilize timeouts to break the opponent’s momentum, relieving pressure on them. Too many stoppages make the game boring. In contrast, soccer has no timeouts making the play more fluid. A game is 90 minutes, with only one 15-minute break at the halfway point. There are few occasional stops in the play, and the ball is mostly in movement.

soccer is the best sport

It does not have constant ads to make soccer more appealing than other sports. Advertisers take this opportunity to promote their products during baseball and American football timeouts. Too many ads make the game boring, which is why soccer is the best sport.

Wide Range of Competition

Soccer offers plenty of competition. You can enjoy club competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, EPL, Spanish La Liga, and Ligue 1 to international competitions including the Africa Cup of Nations, Copa America, and the famous World Cup. You are always entertained with the club or international football as a fan. The best teams get the opportunity to test themselves against heavyweights from other regions raising even more appeal for the game. Teams try and play their best games making for such enjoyable entertainment. So, why is soccer the best sport? Why is soccer the most popular sport? Well, other sports like American football only play within a specified region. As such, it is challenging to have spectators outside the US.

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Soccer Favors Athleticism to Physique

You must be predisposed to unique and favorable genetics to play some sports. For instance, to be considered for American football and basketball, you must be of a specific size, weight, height, and age. It limits individuals who can participate in the game. In soccer, talent is more appreciated than physique. Although 5’7’’ (1.69m), Messi is the most renowned and skillful soccer player. His talent makes him among the most globally celebrated athletes. You can become a famous soccer player irrespective of height and age. Soccer values players with flexibility, strength, skill, speed, and muscle endurance to last 90 minutes without timeouts. It adds to the reasons why soccer is the best sport.

Less Exposure to Injuries

As fans, we desire to enjoy our favorite athletes competing for the longest time. Contact sports like American football take a massive toll on the players. The game creates bigger possibilities for injuries. More often than not, athletes play at their peak for a limited time before injuries take a toll and damage their game. In contrast, soccer players enjoy more time playing the game since the game is less physical. Soccer is the best sport since you get to cheer and admire your favorite players until their late 30s. Zlatan Ibrahimović still plays for top teams at the age of 40.

why soccer is the best sport

Take Away

Is soccer the best sport in the world? Factors like its international appeal, play fluidity, less complicated rules, numerous club, and international competitions, athleticism, and less injury exposure favor that argument. Undoubtedly, soccer is the best sport.